• Guangdong Zhengyu Lighting Lighting Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Zhengyu and Zhengyu Lighting) is headquartered in Zhongshan. The former project Department of Huayu Group has developed into a holding subsidiary of Huayu Group. It focuses on high-end lighting projects (hotels, sales offices, clubs, villas, etc.) which are different from ordinary lighting companies. It is focusing on the required owners and designers to provide project design and present for customers. Comprehensive services of site survey, deepening design, lamp production, logistics transportation, installation and construction, and after-sales maintenance. The company has rich experience in lighting project engineering, and has successfully cooperated with more than 100 five-star projects such as American Sands Group, Four Seasons, Marriott, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Grand Yuntian and so on.

    Has completed national key projects: Hangzhou G20 Summit main venue - Head of State region

    Famous Star Project at Home and Abroad: Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles Airport, USA

    Sheraton San Gable Hotel, California, USA

    Marriott Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

    Venetian Resort Hotel Macau

    Parisian Hotel Macau

    Macau Sands Center

    China Calligraphy Building Hotel

    Our Story

    2019   Provide artistic lamps for Penglai International Hotel, the largest hotel group in Shandong Province

    2018   Signing a cooperation agreement with New World Group of Hong Kong to provide artistic lamps for the third "magnificent hotel" in China

    2017   Through the national "CCC" product certification ISO 9001 quality certification

    2017   Huayu Group divides the lighting engineering department into independent business sectors and formally establishes "Guangdong Zhengyu Lighting Lighting Co., Ltd."

    2016   Provide artistic lamps and lanterns for the Heads of State of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, and once again become a benchmark for the industry

    2015   Provide artistic lamps for Marriott Group's first top brand in Asia (Marriott Grand Hotel, Bangkok)

    2015   Collaborate with Starwood and provide artistic lighting for Sheraton Hotel at Los Angeles Airport

    2013   Lighting with Parisian Hotel of American Sands Group

    2011   Providing lamps with the largest hotel group in Asia, Sands Center, owned by American Sands Group

    2007   With the Venetian Hotel in Macau, which is owned by Jinsha Group, USA, to provide lighting, it has become a benchmark in the engineering industry.

    2007   Formal development of hotel lighting board and establishment of lighting engineering department

    2000   Winning the Most Influential Brand

    1999   The company's products were rated as high-quality products in Guangdong Province

    1990   Huayu Lighting Creation

    Hotel Brand Partners:
    • SANDS
    • HYATT
    Real Estate Brand Partners:
    • Deswin

      General Manager of GENRY LIGHTING

      Serge Kokkinis, a French design master, has won the World Chinese Innovative Design Award. He has been responsible for over 100 national key projects and five-star hotel lighting projects. He thought: the lamp can be very simple, it can also be very complex. The lamp itself is a carrier, you can add different elements to it and make it show different beauty, which is the charm of custom lamps. It is self-evident that we want to express her unique artistic value through the lamp. GENRY LIGHTING has successfully won many projects and demonstrated its strength by virtue of its design and technical advantages. Every custom lamp has been carefully considered by Zhengyu lighting designers and done well according to the special requirements of customers, which is our value.

    • Kean

      In 2017, he joined GENRY LIGHTING as Director of Design.

      More than 10 years of product design experience, covering a wide range: lighting, smart home, industrial product design. During this period, he participated in more than 80 projects, more than 40 products were listed and won many international design awards. Responsible for the whole project process design, pre-analysis, entry point search, project development, model production, engineering control to the final product listing. Good at user experience-centered design analysis; visual design, shape/proportion/material/detail control. Brand identity communication and product line style unification. Abundant process knowledge and project experience.

      Awards:2013 Red-Dot award- N700

      2015 IF award-smart band

      2015 Red star award- yoga

      2015 DFA award- portable

      2017 Red-Dot award—smart storage

    • Matthieu

      As GENRY LIGHTING Lighting Visual Art Consultant

      Graduated from CREAPOLE School of Art and Design Management, Paris, France - Master of Design. Fifteen years of lighting visual art design experience, design scope: lighting design, digital engineering, digital art, exchange experience design. He has participated in more than 100 lighting visual arts projects. He believes that although light cannot be captured, we can control light through design, lighting and customized equipment, which is a very interesting thing.

      Brands/Projects Served: Chanel, Shanghai SF Bar-, Nike, H&M, North Face, Shanghai Rose Bar, Infiniti, Nexxus Music Festival, Shanghai Storm Music Festival, ICON Club, XBOX

    • Bryant

      Ren Zhengyu Lighting Design Consultant. Paul Cohen is the first Chinese designer trained by the judges of the iF Design Award of Germany.

      2009-2013 Head of Cube Design China Design Group, Australia.

      2010 Got the Jingwei Award of Tianjin Binhai New Area International Industrial Design Government

      2014 Win the world's authoritative design award "IF design award".

      2017 As GENRY LIGHTING Design Consultant. He has been designing lighting for the GENRY LIGHTING brand. Its design inspiration mainly comes from the infinite changes in nature and many natural phenomena. In addition, his love of plant structure is also reflected in his design.

      Customers who have served are:Philips,Breo,Midea,Pangao,Osim,Breville,GE,Thomson,Emerson,RCA,Telefunken,Saba,Muse

    • Sun

      He joined Huayu Group in 2014 and was assigned to GENRY LIGHTING as project manager in 2017.

      Ten years of hotel lighting design experience, a total of over 60 five-star hotel projects. Responsible for hotel lighting design direction and style control, project lighting space proportion adjustment. He thinks: design is not necessarily precious materials, but personalized design. Owners show people the positioning and taste of the project itself through style, and my job is to apply lighting in the right place, and raise a space to a higher level through lighting.

      The service brands are: Marriott, Sheraton, Grand Yuntian, Dengxilu, Pullman, Tianyuan, Southern Airlines.


    Genry Lighting presents our world to you through exclusive design, quality and innovation

    Let us our footprints spread all over the world.


    Creativity,which makes good concepts accessible.


    The handmade techniques show our dedication andexcellence in each

    detail and make each lamp perfect.

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